Winchester is living up to its role as a market leader by bringing you a range of solutions that feature alternative materials for your rifle and shotgun shooting activities.

    At a time when new legislation in Europe is focusing interest on lead-free ammunition, Winchester is meeting the strictest demands for quality and performance, and is here to help you negotiate every step on your way to the lead-free new world.



    Hunting shotshells:

    For wetland areas, the ban has been in force since February 2023.

    For other uses, the date the ban will come into effect is still under discussion.


    Rifle ammunition:

    The date this ban will come into effect is still under discussion. This ban is not expected to apply before late 2025, but so far no date has been set or final decision made.


    Detailed information about lead-free ammunition and our recommendations for use can be found on our website.

    Winchester has been the preferred partner for millions of hunters and shooters for over 150 years. Winchester builds on this solid bond and shared experience to design ammunition that delivers the best performance and to meet all your specific requirements

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